CIOB Privacy Notice
1) The CIOB will process your personal information to facilitate your membership of the Institute, and to communicate with you in relation to matters which are essential to your continued membership. For more information on how CIOB process your information, please click here. 

2) In addition to the above, we would also like to communicate with you in relation to other Institute matters, these will include;
- Information relevant to your professional development (which will include information from the CIOB Academy and Knowledge Hub, CPD and information in relation to our work for the benefit of the industry and the wider society 
- News and Events 

3) We would also like to send you information on behalf of selected third parties. This information may relate to benefits and offers exclusive to CIOB members or services you can access which are considered relevant to our members on a corporate or personal basis. No communication will come direct from a third party. The CIOB will make you aware of the third party for you to determine your interest in the service or product. 

All CIOB partnerships are reviewed and considered to ensure that they align to the CIOB’s ethics and values. These third parties may be connected to financial or insurance services, or connected to a sponsor for key events, for example CMYA.

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